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@everyone Issue 76 featuring Sifu Gert-Jan Ketelaar is now available worldwide on Amazon and in digital formats.

With over 40 years of Wing Chun experience, Gert-Jan is a truly dedicated coach representing the Wong Shun Leung approach in the Netherlands.

In 1992, Gert-Jan met Sifu Wong Shun Leung for the first time – an encounter that resulted in a true “lights on” moment. Wong was primarily visiting the Netherlands to see his old friend, Wang Kiu, the founding father of Wing Chun in the Netherlands. By this time, Gert-Jan had been training in the Wang Kiu lineage for twelve years. In 1994, Wong introduced him to Philipp Bayer. Together, they entered into a close collaboration that lasted over ten years. In 2005, Gert-Jan established his own organisation, the United Ving Tsun Kung Fu Society.

We are genuinely thrilled to introduce Gert-Jan to the wider international Wing Chun community. In this captivating interview, he delves into his journey, training and coaching philosophy, and the inspiration driving his commitment to preserving and advancing the profound art of Wing Chun.

So what are you waiting for? Take a sneak peek at the entire Issue 76 through a click on the picture below and order your copy today.

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