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VING TSUN KUNG FU, The Entire Combat System Explained - our book is coming soon!

We’re stoked to share with you the release date of the most complete book on Ving Tsun yet - 'VING TSUN KUNG FU, The Entire Combat System Explained'. It will be available worldwide on June 8th.

‘Ving Tsun Kung Fu’ was written by Gert-Jan Ketelaar and James ter Beek, authorities on Ving Tsun with 40 years of experience each. In this book, they hold nothing back and explain every concept, form and technique in great detail. The book is packed with illustrations and videos to illustrate the concepts and is a must-have for practitioners of all lineages, such as Ving Tsun, Wing Chun or Wing Tsun. Needless to say, we’re very excited for June!

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