Actually, all Western translations are equally right and wrong. As it is known in China where our system originates, the Western alphabet is not in use. The Chinese writing consists only of symbols. The different spellings have arisen by translating the consonance of 

the Chinese character to a Western phonetical alphabet. 

Some of those spellings are: Ving Tsun, Wing Chun, Wing Tsun, Yong Chun. With the different spellings, organizations and schools usually want to indicate that they have a different interpretation of the system. Usually it is about the same origin of the system that Yip (Ip) Man brought to Hong Kong in 1949.

The first and most well-known spelling is Wing Chun, but abbreviated to WC, gave cause for derision. The spelling Ving Tsun was than later devised by Yip Man, the teacher of Wong Shun Leung. The Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, founded in 1967, was the first to use this spelling.

Ving Tsun in Chinese Characters