Are you between 6 and 16 years old and would you like to become acquainted with Kung Fu? Then you are very welcome to come and train in our youth trainings! You learn how to defend yourself in a fight, but also how to deal with your feelings and those of others. When you get the hang of it, you will notice that you are becoming more and more confident.

You can earn three certificates in the youth class:




Starting youth practitioner (1e certificate)

Basislevel youth practitioner (2e certificate)

Experienced youth practitioner (3e certificate)

At the end of the season (June/July) in a special lesson, the youth certificates are distributed. Parents are welcome to come and watch! 

Is it difficult to pay the contribution? The Youth Fund Sports & Culture pays the contribution and / or supplies for children and young people from families where there is not enough money at home. 

Every lesson starts with a warm-up, followed by solo and partner exercises. We spend the last ten minutes on free sparring.


Of course, training should not only be educational, but also fun. The intention is that you can enjoy yourself during the lesson, but it is also important that you can control yourself when needed.


When it is time to move on to a higher group, we always do this in consultation with you and your parents. And of course under good guidance from the trainers. There are three youth groups, classified by age level. Check the school timetable for this.