With every registration there is a choice for:


STANDARD, commitment for 6 months, registration fee 25 euros.

COMPLETE, commitment for 12 months, no registration fees.


After the commitment time of 6 or 12 months, the subscription automatically switches to an indefinite subscription and can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Is it difficult to pay the contribution? The Youth Fund Sports & Culture pays the contribution and / or supplies for children and young people from families where there is not enough money at home.

To establish a good foundation in Ving Tsun, few lessons are insufficient. That is why we demand a minimum commitment of 6 months from you. This allows your training to really have an effect and allows us to invest in you more sufficient.


youth 6-12 years

€ 28,00 per month

youth 12-16 years

€ 35,00 per month


1 training a week

€ 42,00 per month

2-4 trainings a week

€ 55,00 per month


lesson with assistent

€ 45,00 per les

lesson with trainer

€ 70,00 per lesson


Max 4 persons

1 training a week

€ 145,00 per month

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