What can you expect at a trial training?

You will be greeted by the trainer who will guide you during the trial training. The training starts with a warm-up which already includes some Ving Tsun movements. After that the technical training starts and you first learn how to stand, walk and punch. These components are important basics and rule the entire skill that you build in the combat system.

ving tsun kung fu groepstraining

And you are going to do some exercises with a partner, because that interaction is important if you want to learn martial arts. The trainer will also give you an introduction to the Ving Tsun System with the opportunity to ask questions. 

The trial training is intended as an introduction to the Ving Tsun system and to you don't have to be in great condition to participate. You can build that up at your own pace during the training sessions. Its our attention that after the trial lesson you have experienced what is Ving Tsun about and also have an impression of the training atmosphere at our school.