The Society was established by him in 1981. Given his fascination with Eastern fighting styles and the desire to develop himself therein, after training in various forms of martial arts, he eventually arrived at Ving Tsun Kung Fu, whose logic and intellectual methods attracted him. The high degree of effectiveness of the system was decisive in him choosing to further himself in Ving Tsun.

Wong Shun Leung and Gert-Jan Ketelaar in 1995

The first developments were mainly based on the knowledge of Ving Tsun pioneers in the Netherlands such as Rob Vogel Sr. and Wang Kiu. From 1992 on Gert-Jan decided to switch completely to the system of Wong Shun Leung after he came into contact with him and was inspired by his knowledge and skills. Gert-Jan was the first Dutch trainer to get to know Wong Shun Leung and receive lessons from him at these trainings in Germany. On Gert-Jan’s invitation, Wong Shun Leung gave his first training in The Netherlands. This training was the catalyst for a veritable revolution in existing Ving Tsun schools.

Wong Shun Leung introduced Gert-Jan to Philipp Bayer from Germany, one of his talented students. This was followed by an intense period of training and co-operation which lasted more than 10 years.


In addition, interesting knowledge exchanges have taken place with a number of renowned teachers, including Gary Lam, David Peterson, Chan Kim Man, Cliff Au Yeung, John Wong Hong Chung, Ng Chun Hong, Wan Kam Leung en Yuen Yim Keung.


Furthermore he maintains contact with various trainers worldwide of Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun, who openly and enthusiastically share information with each other. In this context Gert-Jan also travelled to Hong Kong and China. By means of research, feedback and tests of training methods, the development continues and the coaching of students persist to improve.


Gert-Jan is always interested in getting into touch with students or trainers who want to get to know his training method. Finally, Gert-Jan is a teacher who think of the importants of the individual and wants to contribute to the growth of others.

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