Markus Bischoff

Trainer, Luckau, Duitsland


Markus was born on 14.01.1988 in Luckau near Berlin. Since early childhood he felt great interest in various martial arts such as Boxing, TaeKwonDo and TaiChi. With 16 years Markus started the training of the Wing Tsun style of the EWTO. 

He quickly became a private student of his earlier teacher, Thomas Lieke, by his enthusiasm for the Kung Fu. In addition to the countless hours of his own training, Markus lead several WT cources in his region.
In the summer of 2007, Markus began studying computer science in Berlin, but kept training at weekends in Luckau. During this time there was a reorientation of his former teacher who began to explore alternative styles due to dissatisfaction. Often Markus and Thomas discussed the different approaches and unanswered questions to which no satisfying answer could be found.

This ended in 2009 with the acquaintance of Gert-Jan Ketelaar, whose quality and knowledge of the WSL VT impressed both and rekindled their passion for Kung Fu. Since then, Markus trains the WSL VT system under the professional guidance of his teacher Gert-Jan. During his studies in Berlin, he also started training some private students in VT.

After completing these studies, Markus returned to Luckau and took over the VT school after a few month. Since then, Markus aims for the qualitative distribution of the VT style in his region. His goal is to master the WSL VT and to expand his school in such a way, that together with the United Ving Tsun Kung Society a strong community can be established where all students can learn high quality Ving Tsun Kung Fu.


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