Youth training (6-12 years)

The youth trainings are especially targeted to young people as an occasion to learn about Kung Fu and the pleasure of practicing this martial art. The method used in these trainings are the same as with the adults, but has been adapted to the level of responsibility of the young people. The degree of variation in the exercises is higher for the youth.

The goal of the trainings is to gain skills that offer protection in a fighting situation, but also bring physical and mental development to the kids. Learning to deal with some level of aggression is standard. Thereby we learn how to accept our possible defeats and to learn from others ­ something which is inevitable in the trainings. Of course is learning how to stand up for yourself and daring to do so very important. That can help in situations where children are teased at school or on the street. From the point of view of self defense it certainly provides a safer feeling, which can give the young practitioner, as well as parents,
a degree of confidence.

A child’s energy is often inexhaustible and we accept the challenge of giving this energy the right focus and direction. Children who do not listen well or disrupt the lessons for the others will not be accepted. We like the children to have a chance to "let it all out", but also learn to control. By training concentration, physical condition, technique, speed, coordination, attacks and defenses, self-confidence is increased. And especially one must not forget: it is important that the children train with great enjoyment. 

Preferably attire, the t-shirt with the logo, which is available for purchase at the school, with dark training trousers or short trousers and rubber-soled shoes. 

Youth certificates
At the end of the season (June/July) in a special lesson, the youth certificates are distributed. Parents are welcome to join. There are three certificates to earn. 

             aspirant starting youthpractitioner (first certificate)  
        pupil basislevel youthpractitioner (second certificate)
  junior experienced youthpractitioner (third certificat)
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