Yip man’s early years in Ving Tsun

Yip Man studied under Chan Wah Shun for two years until his death. After that he continued is studies under Ng Chung So, one of Chan’s senior students, until an incident occurred with Yip, only 16 years od, killed someone in a fight. As his parents were very wealthy thy were able to transfer Yip almost immediately t Japan in order to avoid any further difficulties with the authorities. He later travelled Hong Kong and began attending the St. Stephan’s school for boys. 

Yip was a real troublemaker. He would fight almost constantly and even upon occasion beat up the school’s Indian doorman. One day, one of his classmates suggested that perhaps Yip wouldn’t mind matching fists with a Ving Tsun teacher. Yip agreed and soon found himself face to face with an elderly man. Much to Yip’s surprise the old fellow defeated him relative ease. Yip asked to join the man’s classes and found out that his new teacher was none other then Leung Bik. 

Leung was very clever ad analytical a teacher, which impressed Yip very much. Thus, eventually Yip Man became the product of two masters-one a better fighter and the other better teacher. Regardless f who Yip learned most from, Wong felt that Yip’s own admirable qualities, both his martial proficiency and his cleverness, more then indicated something about the man.

Wong Shun Leung