Wong meet Bruce Lee

Somehow, during this time, William had developed a close relationship with another boy of his own age. They would often go out on fights together, and one day, William brought his friend into Yip Man’s school. That was the first time Wong Shun Leung ever saw Bruce Lee. Wong noticed that as Bruce began to study Ving Tsun, he didn’t really seem all that sincere; consequently his progress was slow. He also had a tendency towards laziness, Wong felt, and whenever he got onto trouble with an opponent or the law he would depend on either William or his father’s police connections to bail him out. 

Bruce always looked up to William as a fighter, and when William left for Australia at the age of 18, Bruce found himself suddenly alone and stranded in a hostile environment. It was then that he turned to Wong Shun Leung and started to take Ving Tsun seriously. 

During the time of Bruce’s enrolment at the St. Francis Secondary School in Sam Shui Po, he had managed to talk a number of his classmates into to learning Ving Tsun. But as Bruce began to have a change of heart toward his own training, he tried to find a method of cutting deeper into Wong’s class time. 

He approached Wong one day and asked for private tutorship; but when Wong refused, Bruce found an alternate solution. He would run over to Wong’s house after school in advance of his classmates. When they arrived for practice the would find Lee sitting on the step looking rather disappointed. He would claim that Wong was not present, so they’d all leave together. No long after, Lee would return and get hs private lessons with little hindrance. Bruce Lee studied almost every day with Wong for a period of one and a half years. During this time he proved o be a very clever and innovative student. 

Wong Shun Leung

Wong felt that Lee’s strongest point lay in his Chi au practice. He had begun to develop his reflexes to such a degree that he was able to respond instantaneously to just about any fore by an opponent’s attack. Lee would have continued with Wong for quite a longer period but fate would have it tha his complicated lifestyle and attraction for fighting forced his parents to send him oversees to study.