Wong making name in Hong Kong

One day during practice Wong overheard Yip Man in conversation with his most senior student, Leung Sheung, during which he stated that he felt the “kid” (Wong) would probably, in a year’s time, make a name for Ving Tsun in Hong Kong. The prophesy turned out to be incorrect. It didn’t take Wong a year, it took him three months. 

Weighting in at slightly over 105 pounds, Wong turned to some serious “scrapping.” No holds barred, he took on every challenger and beat them into dust. He developed such a bad reputation as a scrapper that people nicknamed him the “Flying Soot,” a type of filth that manages to stick something dirty on you when you least expected. 

Wong’s enemies were not a few and far between either. After demolishing a foreman in the Public Works Department by the name of Wong Kiu, he found himself confronted by a whole group of challengers, most of them reputedly paid by Wong Kiu. Finally te number of people willing to fight him, even for money, diminished into nothingness. 

Between the ages of 18 and 19, Wong had fought over 50 bouts, most against opponents larger and stronger than himself, and had come out the victor. Suddenly Ving Tsun shot into the forefront of Hong Kong gossip. Here was a style that really achieved results!

Wong Shun Leung Wong Shun Leung
Wong Shun Leung in Holland Wong Shun Leung