Ving Tsun-weapons

The practice of Ving Tsun weaponry (such as the double knifes and long staff) are not so well known. There are a very limited number of qualified weapon teachers in the world today, probably because weapons have always been the last on every master’s teaching agenda. 

Wong said that he would eventually demonstrate these forms on another videotape, but he was reluctant to have students attempt weaponry prior to mastering the Ving Tsun hand and leg patterns. His reasoning was quite logical. A weapon may be considered an extension of the hand, but unlike the hand which can, by pushing or pulling, control an opponent’s distancing of force, a weapon is limited by weight and structure. 

By studying the weaponry too early, the student will either lose or alter his concepts of distancing, speed, and control. His overall stability, stance and footwork will suffer as a result. If he cannot control his own movement without an object in hi hands, then how can he expect the object to assist him in any way? Wong feels that any teacher who suggest learning weaponry prior to mastery of other Ving Tsun forms should reconsider his own intentions.

Wong Shun Leung