Turning points in Ving Tsun

Wong insisted that a good student, regardless of race or creed, is still an honor to his teacher. Sometimes the least-expected student becomes the most outstanding. It is the duty of the teacher, he felt, to give everyone who so desires a fair change. Wong explained to us some of the twists that fate had brought to the Ving Tsun system in the past. 

Dr. Leung Jan was a renowned martial artist and excelled combatant during the earliest years of Ving Tsun history; however his eldest son did not have the capacity to carry on the style’s fighting tradition. This task was therefore allotted to Leung Jan’s most outstanding student, Chan Wah Chun. But though Cha was a fierce scrapper, he lacked the necessary intelligence to analyze his own style in detail. 

In this way Leung Bik, Leung Jan’s eldest son, was superior. He as well-educated and could distinguish the chaff from the wheat. But when both men later went into the bone doctoring business, Leung Bik found that Cha was a powerful competitor who not only netted most o the available student, but most of the local patients as well. Chan also managed to relate to the local townspeople of Foshan better then Leung, so Leung left for Hong Kong and became a silk merchant.