What can you expect during a trial training?

You will be welcomed by the trainer who will guide you throughout the entire trial training. The training starts with a warm-up in which some Ving Tsun movements are already included. After that, the technical training starts and you will first learn how to stand, walk and punch. These components are important for the basis and determine the entire skill that you build up in the combat system.

And you will do some exercises with a partner, because that interaction is important if you want to learn martial arts. The trainer will also give a clear introduction to the Ving Tsun System with the opportunity to ask questions.

The trial training is meant as an introduction to the Ving Tsun system and it isn't necessary to have a great physical condition to participate. You can build that up in the upcoming training sessions and at your own pace. It's our intention to give you an experience during the test training, so you know what Ving Tsun is about. And of course to give you an impression of the training and atmosphere at our school.