Private training

The possibility exists to take intensive private lessons from Gert-Jan Ketelaar in Hilversum for a period of one or more months. And also some of the other trainers are available for private lessons. By applying the contact page of the website you can approach a trainer directly or by going to the page with schools and trainers you can find out more about the trainers first. Private lessons are a good choice for students who already have experience
in Ving Tsun, but also for beginners who want to make a strong start.

The trainings agenda and program can be tailored to the requirements of the individual.
The concepts, techniques, and theories of Ving Tsun are explained in detail. In a short time, structure, control, technique, and feel are guaranteed to improve. Private students may limitlessly participate in the groups training.

Those interested can inquire about the costs and possibilities. When you request for information, make sure you state with which trainer you prefer to have your private lessons from.