Physically and Mentally Fit

Author Gert-Jan Ketelaar 

Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a Chinese fighting style with a sole purpose: to end a fight quickly and straightforwardly by employing logical and economic movements. Very effective when we find ourselves in danger, as in all fighting situations. But do we train our entire lives for the possibility of one single moment which hopefully never occurs, where we can defend ourselves? The same realistic components that you effectively prepare for use in a fight, develop qualities which prepare you for all facets of life. 

The training provides you with a mirror which confronts you with yourself. The developed self-awareness is a valuable tool to help you grow by learning to make effective choices. Through an open and honest training method, a constant self-reflection exists. Ving Tsun is straight forward in every way, as a fighting system as well as in mental development. 

Besides the goal of training and the interesting developments that we can achieve, the practitioner must also be successful in simply enjoying training. In my case, I experience the contact with students and other practitioners as a very social experience. The partner training is largely composed of “Chi Sau”, where you train with each other at very short distances. This exercise serves the development of balance, stance, reaction speed, and teaches the use of power and energy from yourself as well as from your partner. It is also a continuous exchange of skills, which are different every time, depending on with whom you train and how they react. It is a healthy comparison to others and challenges you to improve. This training can be simultaneously playful and effective. 

Ving Tsun Kung Fu is my basis and keeps me physically as well as mentally fit. Through the exercises, which are not too extreme but offer a well thought out training. Through the intellectual methods which have been developed through the generations and are so pure.

Gert Jan Ketelaar and James ter Beek Wong Shun Leung, Gert Jan Ketelaar Gert-Jan Ketelaar, long pole
Gert Jan Ketelaar Gert Jan Ketelaar, Mok Yan Chong Gert Jan Ketelaar & Philipp Bayer