Passing away of a legend

Wong Shun Leung was an appropriate example of a man ho has become his art and vice-versa. He started as a gifted fighter, studied both physical and mental aspect of Ving Tsun, and finally became Ving Tsun spiritually. He was a man who could be either soft-spoken or out-spoken depending upon the situation at hand. He had learned to understand his own limitations and thereby the limitation of others. 

As Ving Tsun teacher Wong Shun Leung conducted in dozens of countries seminars from the beginning years in the ’80. He spent about 3 months per year minimum with travelling, and gave seminars in the whole world in which he passed on his interpretation of the techniques to others. 

All that has known him, have been deeply shocked by his sudden death, on 28th January 1997. Wong Shun Leung was as an teacher of unprecedented importance for development of our fighting art, but also his personality, sense for humour and discretion was very remarkable. 

As a person he was calm, relaxed, and his intent unwavering. He was philosophy without embellishment, like an old sword that doesn’t appear dangerous at first, until you have tasted its razor sharp edge.

Wong Shun Leung

 Wong Shun Leung 08-05-1935 - 28-01-1997