Knowledge exchange

In building up our organization, there have been long-term contacts with various teachers in the Ving Tsun system. Our first developments were mainly based on the knowledge we obtained through Rob Vogel sr. and Wang Kiu. Since 1992 we changed to the system of Wong Shun Leung after Gert-Jan Ketelaar had come in contact with him and got inspired by his skill and knowledge. Gert-Jan, as the first Dutch teacher, also invited Wong Shun Leung to give seminars in our country. Besides from that we had interesting exchanges of knowledge with other known and unknown teachers, including Philipp Bayer, Gary Lam, David Peterson, Chan Kim Man, Cliff Au Yeung, John Wong Chung Hong, Ng Chun Hong, Wan Kam Leung and Yuen Yim Keung.

Finally, we are always interested to get in touch with schools or trainers who share their information with us and want to compare that with our knowledge, without ego or political agendas. Ultimately, we are an organization with a unique vision of our training goals.
By this means  we find the development of individuals important, appreciate discussions, and also forming their own opinion of practitioners.

Wong Shun Leung teaching students in Hilversum

Wong Shun Leung training with students in Hilversum, the Netherlands.