Group training


The guidance in the trainings is very individual and directed at independent learning. There are no military style drills, quite the contrary, it is expected that a practitioner shows the desire and will to learn. Naturally, at the first lesson, you do not yet know what the intention is, but as you train longer you develop a sense of this and of what points you need to work on. In the meantime, the lessons gradually become more independent and you develop the ability to correct yourself. 

Beginners and advanced train simultaneously in the lessons. It is a mistake to think that advanced students must train only with each other to develop further. Beginners can of course train with advanced students to develop themselves to that level. But vice-versa, it is also beneficial to advanced students to train with people of every level. Also the act of teaching itself is a good way to improve in Ving Tsun. 

The trainings proceed in a spontaneous and relaxed manner. As can be expected of a fighting system, the trainings work on techniques, structure, physical conditioning and partner exercises. But vital to Ving Tsun is that you understand the concept. The thought process and ideas influence the way you carry out techniques and develop your Ving Tsun. As a result, it can occur that in a lesson theory and background are discussed at length. Because of this trainings can vary considerably. 

Core Group
The core group consists of a team of advanced practitioners which have trained for several years. If you the wish to join the core group, you may indicate this, but eventually you must have a level which corresponds with the group and a commitment to the trainings in order to qualify. The aim of the core group is to give advanced students the extra opportunity to train at higher level with each other. Secondly the core group members can reinforce the other groups and transfer their knowledge to other members.

Preferably the t-shirt with the logo, which is available for purchase at the school, with dark training trousers or short trousers and rubber-soled shoes. A sweatshirt or jacket can be handy for when things start to cool down. We believe that a person should feel comfortable when training. 

Trial Training
The first time that you visit the school the trainer usually engages an introduction conversation removed from the normal ongoing training. A summary of Ving Tsun is presented and a small demonstration gives an idea of what Ving Tsun is about. The possibility also exists to ask questions. Should you decide to continue after these trial lessons, you can register as a member of the school. Ask the trainer for further information and a registration form.