1. Student (red logo on the shirt)
2. Senior Student (red logo on the shirt)
3. Assistant (white logo on the shirt)
4. Trainer (yellow logo on the shirt)

The Ving Tsun Curriculum presents the basic learning program for a practitioner at UVTKFS. The descriptions give insights to the criteria dealt with. Each level holds a certificate that is presented without exam. The training duration, effort, and skills of the practitioner are used as guidelines. A practitioner can finish a curriculum level in a shorter period if his skills develop faster through intensive effort and training or when he himself independently gives training to a group. The responsibility inherent in the role of a trainer develops more experience than practitioner training. 


All practitioners who have joined one of the UVTKFS schools are considered students. They will wear the t-shirts with the red logo. Once the student has delved into the Ving Tsun Kung Fu basics, he can receive a ‘Student Certificate’ from his or her trainer. The training guideline for this is 2 years, in which a student must have been sufficiently present. Furthermore, a certified student must be able to perform the Siu Nim Tau (1st form) correctly, and must also have a good mastery of the partner exercises Dan Chi Sau, Lap Sau, Poon Sau, Seung Ma and Tui Ma.

Senior Student

After a number of years (guideline is 5 years) a practitioner can be promoted to Senior Student by attaining a second certificate. A senior student is expected to have a proficiency
in Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, Mok Yan Chong (first half), Chi Sau drills, Lap Sau, Go Sau, Sparring, but also have built up a theoretical insight and confidence in the Ving Tsun system. 


Considered for this level are people who have been training for a longer period of time (guideline is 10 years) in all facets of Ving Tsun. In addition to the basic forms, also proficiency in Biu Gee, Mok Yan Chong, Lok Dim Boon Kwan. Alongside skills, they are expected to be developed in coaching fellow students and assisting the trainer during lessons. An ‘Assistant’ receives a T-shirt with the white scripted logo and the associated certificate. 



Someone is called a trainer when they can independently give lessons to a group of students. To be a certified trainer in the UVTKFS, one needs to be involved as an associated trainer for a minimum of one year. As well as having his own students, he himself must be of a certain level. The certified trainer receives a T-shirt with the yellow scripted logo and the associated certificate. The trainer is expected to be proficient in all the forms (both in theory and practice) and also in person-to-person training with weapons. A trainer must have the ‘fighting spirit’ and must be able to show this in sparring. And finally the trainer/coach’s skills must be strong.

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