Company Training

A number of United Ving Tsun Kung Fu Society trainers have been specially trained up to train companies. UVTKFS instructors train the Royal Dutch Police Force (KLPD) but they also provide training suited to the educational and other sectors. The training programme is adapted to the possibilities and specific requirements of each organisation. 

It includes various other goals, besides learning Ving Tsun Kung Fu.  Other themes, related to personal goals or the goals of an organisation for example, can be required. In this case, learning Kung Fu isn’t set as a goal but the exercises act as a vehicle to encounter new experiences and insights. Examples of this are cooperation, change, leadership, conflict management and how to handle tension. There is room for discussion and the issues get dealt with very seriously but in a relaxed way, at the same time. This opens up the way for new energy to start flowing and for people to get back to their work feeling revitalised. By definition, people show more of themselves in a training where you do something rather than in sessions where the emphasis is on talking things over. 

Kalligrafie written by Wong Shun Leung: "Ving Tsun Kung Fu, by Wong Shun Leung."

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